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Sing, Sign & Sensory Nursery Classes

These classes are perfect for babies, toddlers & pre-schoolers at a Nursery setting or as a group.

The class is a fun and energetic movement, dance and physical development class which focuses highly on creativity and early writing skills.  Each session is structured around the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

"Reach for the sky and tickle the stars."
Children are amazing at using their imaginations and we celebrate this very wonderful gift by using puppets and music combined.
One week we are lions walking through the jungle, eating currant buns in a bakers shop or flying our sock monkeys through the air.

Sign Language is used in a selection of songs which is a great new skill for children and practitioners to learn together & mirror in the nursery environment, supporting inclusivity for everyone

Jumping, twirling, hopping, stamping, crawling and reaching high to the sky to tickle the stars are all movements that help with children's co-ordination, balance and body awareness. We focus on all of these areas that are essential for body and special awareness, coordination and balance.

Baby Yoga movements & gym brain exercises are used in baby class to strengthen muscles & aid physical development as well as brain development.

For toddlers & preschool classes we tend to finish classes with sensory lights, gentle relaxation, yoga inspired movements & positive affirmations to enable children to reach their full potential & support good mental health & wellbeing

All classes can be adapted to meet the needs of individual children and your nursery. 

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