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Online Classes

Why choose an online class?



You have all the time in the world to relax, bond & connect with your baby in the comfort of your own home.


You can massage your baby whenever you feel ready & baby is ready, even if you feel like a pyjama day!  You can pause, play  and repeat as many times as you like.


Daddies / siblings are able to join in with the wonderful gift of massage so it's fun for all the family.


You are in perfect hands with Vicky, a 12 years qualified Infant Massage Teacher, Sleep Settle & Soothe Instructor & Colic Expert.


Baby massage is a perfect course for you & your little one and is a blend of nurturing touch, baby yoga exercises & baby reflexology providing  beautiful moments to enjoy together.


Some of the main benefits  of Baby Massage: 🏻


⭐️ Helps colic, constipation & reflux symptoms, reducing anxiety for baby.


⭐️ Promotes relaxation & helps with sleep issues for both parents & baby.


⭐️ Proven to reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress & postnatal depression.


⭐️ Stimulates baby's body & brain.


⭐️ Empowers parents & enables further bonding & attachment with baby


Join our Facebook group to feel supported and connect with other parents, enjoy wellbeing tips, positive affirmation & babies early learning & development advice.

This course is 5 videos and was recorded during lockdown  when I continued to share the love & support parents to connect with their babies.

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